Five things I should be doing instead of writing this post

By | 2006-06-25
  1. Finish the AEGo (Spanish Go Association) website. I’m working on a new website with an easy CMS made with AJAX. I’m researching new ways to manage the content, focusing on the idea “if you want to change something, just touch it”. It’s really difficult to combine the maximum “user needs = site objectives” with the rule “clean programming”.
  2. Play music. Maybe I need to buy a guitar. I miss playing it. Or maybe I should play my keyboard, it could be enough. I have lots of ideas, and my fingers are waiting.
  3. Do some housework. I have to clean the corridor and my room. Also I want to “build” a new shelf for one of my music machines.
  4. Not think about the future. These days are changing my world, my thoughts, my future. But I should (simply) let the things happens.
  5. Fall in love. Scratch my thick front and look at your eyes with a never-seen intensity. I’ll work hard to make you feel like you are on top of the world. Sigh in every one of your nerves.

This post is over. So I must select one…