The best and the worst of summer

By | 2006-06-24

Summer is now here! Barcelona is raising the temperature up to 30ºC.

The worst part is that it’s too hot. The weather changes suddenly from a comfortable spring temperature to a sticky and sweaty ambient. Your body needs to get used to this heat, and this means at least one week feeling sick and having problems to sleep. For me that week was this one, and some days ago I felt I was burning my pillow with my head, and it was impossible to sleep on this hot iron that my bed was. But now I got over this, and I can start to enjoy the summer.
Summer tomatoesThe best thing in summer, here in Spain, are (as you can guess) tomatoes!! (IMO). They turn red, with an intense taste. In the market next to my home there is a shop were two olds sell the best tomatoes you can find in Barcelona. They are very fond of everybody, always giving me some fruit when I buy tomatoes. Also another nice thing from this shop is that they give you an empty bag and you can select by yourself the vegetables and fruit you want. The last time I was there I got a small bag and the old woman suggested to me to get a bigger one, but I said “I’m alone at home”, and she said “it’s better to be alone than to be with bad company”. Next she started to tell me about a couple who usually went to buy together, but one day only the guy came, and told her his girlfriend tricked him with another guy. It was nice to listen to the way this old woman told the story. Finally I got some tomatoes, potatoes, cherries and one lemon only for 80cent! It’s a different shop indeed. These olds remind me of my grandfather, years ago, when he used to arrive home with a lot of tomatoes from his small house in the countryside. Lots of tasty tomatoes!! Summer starts, again… enjoy it!