Nothing to say

By | 2006-06-18

nothingI want to write every day, but it’s difficult to find interesting issues. I have lots of ideas, but almost all of them seem worthless. Why write or say something which is not adding new information to the reader? Here there are some of my non-adding-information thoughts:

Dogs are for the countryside
Barcelona is full of dogs, I really can’t believe it. How can these dogs live, with only one (or less) walk per day? Things get worse if I speak about my neighbour, who uses the terrace (the shared terrace for the whole building) to walk his dogs; and, of course, we are always complaining about it, because the dogs piss (and do other things) there. I think dogs need to run, to feel free, as they are animals… and cities are not made for dogs. I feel the dogs in cities are like in a jail. But maybe the same reason can be argued regarding humans (which are also a kind of animal).

Is Catalonia becoming a nation?
What is a nation? Catalonian governers used 2 years to try to define, as aseptic as they could, the word “nation”. They wrote a new statute (a paper which describes the relation between Spanish and Catalonian government powers). Today is the referendum, and all catalonians are called to decide whether it’s a good statute or not. This morning I was reading the BBC News and its reference about the referendum was surprisingly innacurate (in my opinion). It’s not easy to speak about Catalonia, as to speak about the Basque Country, Northern Ireland, Palestine, etc. In fact it’s really difficult to have a clear opinion. In this case the most complicated thing is all about the meaning of “nation”. Outside of Catalonia almost all of the people understand it with one meaning, but here there are lots of diferent subtle interpretations.

SPAM disturbs me
I really hate when I’m “receiving 5 mails” and when they all arrive they go directly to the junk folder. It’s like you are hopping to read some news from your friends worldwide and suddenly you get nothing. Now we have some environment laws to sue pollution makers… but what about this pollution on the Internet?

Magnolia flowers in my street
These last weeks the magnolia trees in my street are flowering. White flowers which say it’s the beginning of summer. Also they say one year ago my cousin was here visiting me. They suggests to me that time is moving. However, they are wonderfull. I should take some photos.

Ouch! All of these thoughts are adding information. Maybe I’m too critical with my own ideas 😉