Trip to Zürich

By | 2006-05-30

Last weekend I visited Zürich, and I was staying at my friend Ana’s house. A lot of things happened to me, but the most relevant was about “my english”. Everyone says my english is fluent enough, but I felt in Zürich it is not. So I have the determination to improve it as hard as I can. That’s the reason I’m not going to write more Spanish here.

Grossmünster main frontZürich is a small jewel of a city. It has some strange things, like these fast changing traffic lights, or the unstable weather, but it’s not a problem for me, and I started loving it. The city itself is small enough to cross it walking: on the third day I felt all the streets in the center were too familiar to me. There are a lot of churches, and a big lake where you can swim (but not on these cold and rainy days). Because it’s Switzerland you can see clocks everywhere, so you don’t really need to wear one. I enjoyed all those details, looking with eyes of a curious child.

The photos!

In my stay there I had the honour to visit Google’s office and talk with some engineers there, it was really interesting! But the best part of my stay was to meet up with Ana in the “Real World” (we usually only meet in internet). We spend the whole time talking about lots of things, from technology to philosophy. She is nice and clever, so it was interesting to share ideas, while we were walking around the city. And I was glad to play some Go games with the feeling of real stones in our fingers, with a real board, with the sound of the stones hitting the wood. Such a nice feeling! A smile comes to me remembering her, trying to kick those “rats with wings” (pigeon), “such a young girl” 🙂 The real world is full of details and she can not be compared to her reflexion in internet. So, I can only say one thing: see you, soooooon. Onegaishimashu!

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