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Six years

Six years ago I landed in this city. I’m not sure I like cities, but somehow I ended up living close to a mountain, but at the same time I’m not far from the city center. I could say this is the best of two worlds: I can grow plants, I can enjoy nature, but… Read More »

With 2 pros at home

Sometimes live gets interesting. After a lot of weeks working hard (even 11,5 hours per day) to release our new product at work, I was destroyed. And by chance I got the unique opportunity of hosting 2 Korean professional baduk (Go) players. They where just the fresh air I needed! Lee Minjin (5p, 25 y.o.)… Read More »

New house

Having a new job it’s not enough change! Last monday I finished my moving, with the help of 3 strong friends (Alga, Enric and Jordi), to my new house. A 2-room penthouse with a nice terrace, in front of Montjuic mountain. A really calm place, with a lot of vegetation, where you can’t smell city… Read More »

Posting from the beach

In Castelldefels, a coast town on the South of Barcelona, the city council decided to install free wi-fi in the beach. I’m testing it right now 😉 Are anybody risky enough to bring a laptop to a sand beach? However it seems useful if you have a PDA without mobile parts or holes, avoiding the… Read More »

My hammock

It’s summer already, and that means it’s hot, really hot. I read somewhere that when the air temperature is above 27ºC, your head can’t evacuate enough heat, and you have various related problems (can’t sleep, headaches, etc). For me, this is my second 2008 summer. I spent the first one in Costa Rica, in March.… Read More »

Tenori-on in Barcelona, finally

This evening Jordi and I went to the first demo of the famous Tenori-on in Barcelona. During the presentation everybody looked at the charming machine intensely, almost ignoring the man who was showing the details. The good part was after the speech, when we had the opportunity of holding this instrument and play a little.… Read More »